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There are no unplanned system outages at this time.


In order to support the University’s systems and services, the Department of Information Management & Technology (IM&T) keeps scheduled maintenance windows to allow for system restarts, updates, or other planned activities that may impact service availability. These maintenance items are critical to the stability and continued availability of the systems and services that IM&T maintains for University use. Any upcoming system maintenance will be listed on the IM&T Sharepoint Site. If these maintenance windows change, this website will reflect those changes. Please contact the Technical Support Center with any questions related to these maintenance windows or upcoming scheduled maintenance.

Weekly Maintenance Windows
  Sundays 05:00AM MDT - 07:00AM MDT
Thursdays 05:00AM MDT - 07:00AM MDT
Saturdays 05:00AM MDT - 07:00AM MDT


Network Password Security Requirements to Change

On Oct. 15, UNC will begin implementing a more secure password/passphrase protocol that allows faculty and staff to retain a password for 180 days instead of the current 90 days. When your password would normally expire, you'll need to use the new UNC password standard, which is a minimum of 12 characters that must include a mix of these four character types: upper case, lower case, numeral and special character. More information about password security for faculty and staff is on UNC's Cyber Security website.


 Updated: 10/06/2015 2:16PM MDT


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