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My computer is running very slowly, what can I do to clean it up?

You may have spyware or adware on your computer.

Spyware is software that installs itself on your PC (usually without your consent) and then hides, secretly gathering data about you and sending it back to its owner. This information can include shopping habits and even credit card numbers and passwords. Adware is a related product that pops up advertisements on your screen. Both can be acquired when novices surf the Internet and innocently click pop-ups and banners that offer some free service.

Such "services" are not only a nuisance, popping up endless ads, but they also can make the computer slow down because of the increased overhead. Many PCs perform sluggishly as a result of running spyware and adware.

1.     Spyware and adware removal programs are as essential as antivirus programs these days. There are several good ones, including Norton Internet Security AntiSpyware and Microsoft Windows Defender. Or you can find free downloads on the Internet to get rid of spyware by searching for “spyware” in your Internet browser.

How can I tell if I have spyware on my computer?

1.     Your computer is suddenly slower than usual or low on memory and resources.

  1. There's a sudden change in how your computer behaves.
  2. It takes much longer to perform common tasks or boot up your computer.
  3. Pop-up ads appear when you're not online.
  4. Your hard drive continually makes a working noise even when you aren't using the computer.
  5. Components of Microsoft Windows or other applications don't work as they normally do.
  6. Settings in your Web browser change, such as your home page is different and there are new items in your Favorites folder.
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