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Note: Please allow two weeks to help us meet your deadline for report modifications and/or new reports.
Bear Logic: Please enter the computer password, issue, and what items were dropped off with the computer.
Please provide the Owner Names, Email Addresses of members, ListServ name, Description of use, Open/Closed/By Owner, and Length of Use in order for your ListServ request to be processed.
IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A REFUND YOU MUST ENTER THE FOLLOWING: Date AND Time of Print Malfunction, Lab/area where the printer is located, number of pages, printer name, and the print type (i.e. Black and White, Color, Duplex, Tabloid).
This is a request for a special Job Submission Request used by very few persons. Please provide the Start and End date of the request, along with the Job Submission name and any needed parameter information.
PDID Form: Please note the five User-based fields below are regarding the account we are creating/updating/deleting, not the person filling out the form.
Severe issues - Please call the Dispatch On Call at 970-978-7325
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